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There is hope for unwanted and abandoned animals.....  

Is your city following the rules?  According to Idaho law, you only have 5 days to claim your pet if picked up and with that same token they must have your dog avilible for you within that same 5 days. (Excluding weekend and holidays)

​Is your city up to date???  If not, ask why!

Twin Falls, Idaho County Code

(208) 736-4404 

Title 4 - Police Regulations

Chapter 5: Dog Control

  • ​Any dog found in County and brought into impoundment facilities (People for Pets) within the city limits shall be licensed before prior to the dogs release. 

Hagerman, IDaho City Code

City Codes are not available online at this time.

​(208) 837-6636

​​You are their voice.... Speak up!!!

Castleford, Idaho city code

No website at this time.

​(208) 537-6544

Wendell, Idaho City Code

(208) 536-5161

  • Calendar year dog license required
  • Three dog minimum per household
  • Three day Animal Control hold
  • Kennel License required for Breeders

Buhl, Idaho  City Code

(208) 543-5650

Title 4 - Police and Public Safety

Chapter 5:  Animal Control 

  • City of Buhl allows for four dogs or cats per household. Non-Commerical licence required for additonal pets. 

  • Commercial License required for commercial breeding.  

Bliss, Idaho City Code

No city website at this time.

(208) 352-1117

Burley, Idaho City Code



(208) 878-2224

Title 10 - Police Regulations

Chapter 3:  Dog and Cat

  • City of Burley allows up to four dogs.  Five or dogs requires application of a Kennel License.

  • Numerous cats are allowed unless deemed a nuisance. 

  • Three working day Animal Control hold for unlicensed dog or cat.  Four working day hold for licensed dog or cat. 

Kimberly, Idaho City Code

(208) (208) 423-4151

Title 6 - Animals

Chapter 6.08: Animal Control Regulations General

  • Calendar year license required.
  • City of Kimberly allows up to three dogs. 
  • Harboring stray dog(s) is prohibited; finder must report stray to Code Enforcement Officer or Police.
  • 48 hour Animal Control hold; dog may be transported to People for Pets. (Twin Falls, ID) 

Jerome, Idaho City Code

(208) 324-8189

Title 6 - Animals1

Chapter 6.08: Dogs

  • Calendar 1 or 3 year dog license required.

  • Kennel License required for four dogs or more. 

  • Five day Animal Control hold. 

Hazelton, Idaho City Code

City Codes not available online at this time. 

(208) 829-5414


Heyburn, Idaho City Code

No city website at this time

(208) 679-8158

Title 7 - Animals

Chapter 1: Dogs

  • Three day hold for impounded dogs. 
  • A female dog in heat may be destroyed by the police or animal control officer is not contained in a dog tight enclosure.  
  • No animal limit or kennel requirements. 

Hansen, ID City Code


(208) 423-5158

Title 5 - Public Safety  

Chapter 3: Animal Control

Article B. Dogs

  • Up to three dogs allowed unless kenneled.

  • Finder of stray dog(s) must notify Animal Control.

  • 48 hour Animal Control hold.

Hollister, Idaho City Code

No Website at this time. 

(208) 655-4225

Gooding, Idaho City Code

(208) 934-5669

Title 6 - Police Regulations

Chapter3: Dogs

  • City of Gooding allows up to four dogs.

  • Five or more dogs requires a Kennel License.

  • 72 hour Animal Control hold.

What are the rules when it comes to companion animals here in Idaho?

​It's important you know!

Here is a brief overview of Magic Valley City/County Animal Control laws.  For more info please contact your local City Hall, Animal Control, or visit their website where applicable. 

Eden, Idaho City Code

​No city website at this time

(208) 825-5776

Title 4 - Public Safety

Chapter 3:  Animal Control

Article A. Dogs    Article C. Kennels

  • City of Eden allows up to three dogs within city limits. 

  • Four of more dogs, owner must have kennel licence.

  • Breeding of any dog within city limits is stricly  prohibited. 

  • 48 hour animal control hold

Idaho Statute 25-2804 states;   cities or counties with active ordinances must hold dogs for 5 days excluding weekend and holidays......

Filer, Idaho City Code

(208) 326-5000

Title 5 -  Police Regulations

Chapter 2:  Dogs

  • City of Filer allows up to three dogs

  • Four of more dogs requires a Kennel Licence

  • Calendar year city dog licence required.

  • Animal Control hold: 72 hours. 

Murtaugh, Idaho City Code

No Website at this time

(208) 432-6682  

Acequia,Idaho County Code

(208) 438-2200 Minidoka Animal Control Shelter

Part of Minidoka County Animal Control 

No city website​ at this time 

No animal control unless animal is vicious.