​​​We must get to the bottom of the problem and build a foundation for change....  We cannot rescue our way out of this...

WE MUST BUILD to change Laws

​WE MUST BUILD to better Ordinances

​WE MUST BUILD to help innocent animals

....Build Better Facilities

​....Build Preventative Programs

​....Anythings Pawsable

With community support, fund raising, private donations and local grants, we raised the money to build a new facility.​  May 2016 the new Wendell facility was completed and opened.

Foundation Inc.  501(c)3



The old Wendell facility was a lean-to structure open to the weather conditions.

There is hope for unwanted and abandoned animals.....  

​Updating facilities is more important than you think.  Take for instance the Wendell animal facility.  It was impossible to keep animals warm in winter, cool in summer or free of infectious canine diseases such as Parvo and others.  Officers found it impossible to impound a dog safely during certain times of the year and often had to let them run.  Now they have a new facility with heated floors, proper ventilation, laundy area, storage, kennel room and isolation room for aggessive or injured dog.  They even have a refrigerator to store vaccinations.


The population of Wendell Idaho is less than 3,000 but has a signifacant problem with domestic animals.  With the new facility, it has given them the opportunity to make a difference....